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    Our unique space consists of successful realtors, team members, coaches, friends that become family, and so much more. By joining, you would be welcomed in with open arms and tons of support 24/7.

    • Coaching & Trainings
    • Collaboration & Camaraderie
    • Social Meetups
    • Charitable Opportunities
    Sound like something you have interest in, fit your needs or are curious about? 

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    What our members are saying about us

    Testimonial by Greg Angello

    My membership gets me access to the Barley Market, events, and engagements. Members have full access to everything here, including technology. It's a great place to bring guests and clients in this unique environment; I like that I can come on weekends and work, which is more like a house than an office setting. This is definitely a different "work" environment with the open space, enjoyable place to be, aesthetically eye pleasing, full kitchen, and great outdoor deck; you can roam as you please. Having patrons come into the establishment is a positive for networking.

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